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Example sentences from the Web for screen. The video shows the back screen keeping up with the front screen as the user navigates around in a few apps. New Xiaomi smartphone has an extra screen in uh, the camera bump?
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Neoclassical screen, circa 1786. From Middle English scren, screne windscreen, firescreen, from Anglo-Norman escren firescreen, the tester of a bed, Old French escren, escrein, escran modern French écran screen, from Middle Dutch scherm, from Old Dutch skirm, from Proto-West Germanic skirmi, from Proto-Germanic skirmiz fur, shelter, covering, screen, from Proto-Indo-European sker to cut, divide.
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If you press this key, the computer screen will clear. Click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Laser images were projected onto a screen. On screen he had more charisma than any actor of his generation.
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Around 1990, Laumann handed over maintenance of the code to Jürgen Weigert and Michael Schroeder at the University of ErlangenNuremberg, who later moved the project to the GNU Project and added features such as scrollback, split-screen, copy-and-paste, and screen sharing.
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The conductive screen around the inner conductors of an electrical cable, usually either foil or braided wire." The Verdant Braes of Screen" an Irish song in which the name Screen refers to Ballinascreen in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. See also edit.
screen1 Linux man page.
If all you've' got is a true" auto-margin terminal screen will be content to use it, but updating a character put into the last position on the screen may not be possible until the screen scrolls or the character is moved into a safe position in some other way.
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to test or examine for the presence of something as a disease screen patients for prostate cancer a test to screen donor blood for HIV and hepatitis C Penni Crabtree. Medical Definition of screen Entry 2 of 2. see intensifying screen, sunscreen, triple screen.
About the screen program in Unix.
If your local computer crashes or you lose the connection, the processes or login sessions you establish through screen don't' go away. You can resume your screen sessions with the following command: screen r In some cases you may have to manually detach" your screen session before resuming it.

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